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London Underground Caricatures in Rail Magazine

London Underground Caricatures in Rail Magazine

London Underground Caricatures in Rail Magazine

RAIL MAGAZINE kindly gave me this generous spread in their latest issue to feature the caricatures on the London Underground. Just goes to show how good traditional ‘newspaper-style’ caricatures and cartoons can look on the printed page particularly when they are illustrations to the all important text. Equally impactful on websites, blogs and for use on social media posts!  #cartoons #caricatures #RailMagazine #Magazines #Newspapers #websites #illustration

Duncan Golestani with his caricature

Interview with ITV London News

ON A MILD winter’s day in December, Katie Barnfield from ITV London News came to High Barnet Station to interview me about the London Underground Caricature project. In spite of all my bumbling and line-fluffing Katie’s expertise and that of the production team made sure that the edit and presentation made me look almost human! The whole process began when I sent presenter Duncan Golestani his framed caricature and information about the year-long project. He was kind enough to show his picture on air as you can see here:Duncan Golestani with his caricature

It’s nice to get a bit of publicity not only for London Underground Caricatures but for the art of caricaturing in general.

barnet Society Website Page

Barnet Society News coverage of London Caricatures

barnet Society Website Page

DELIGHTED TO gain some press coverage for London Underground caricatures, thanks to the Barnet Society Newsletter.

The Barnet Society is a non-political organisation that campaigns for the preservation and improvement of the environment of Chipping Barnet and surrounding areas and for protection of the Green Belt.

Founded in 1945 by Trevor Jukes and Gwyneth Cowing, the Society was established to give a voice to local people who believed that the Green Belt needed defending.

They continue with that cause today but also campaign on many other local issues. Refer to the News page for details of current campaigns and other items.

The Barnet Society works to ensure that they get the best for our town and its environs and that any change enhances and improves the area for all who live, work and study here.

As well as lobbying, holding meetings and taking our elected representatives and their officers to task, they are active in a number of local organisations, including the Chipping Barnet Town Team, Friends of Barnet Market, High Barnet Project, Barnet Museum and the Monken Hadley and Wood Street Conservation Area Advisory Committees.

They are also members of the Federation of Residents Associations of Barnet (FORAB), the London Green Belt Council and London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies.

The represent the areas covered by Chipping (or High) Barnet, Hadley, New Barnet, Arkley, Underhill and the Dollis Valley.

They are always looking for new members, so if you live locally, are concerned about your surroundings and want to know what is happening in the area, then join the Barnet Society!