Cartoon Illustrations for Books, Magazines and Websites

I’VE JUST FINISHED the latest commission for a series of cartoon illustrations for a book of poetry. Cartoon and caricature illustration for books, magazines and websites has been a core to my business since the earliest days. Authors, editors and magazine/newspaper designers usually approach me with a book, article or feature that they need an illustration for and for which an ordinary photo just won’t suffice. I can scan the text and come up with a selection of rough ideas for the author/editor to choose from. Then I finish the chosen cartoons to black and white stage. With a few amendments at that stage, the project is normally complete. In many cases colour will be added which I do, more often than not, digitally through Adobe Photoshop and, sometimes, Procreate on the iPad. The latter is useful if I want to work relaxed on a sofa in front of the television!

If you have a book that would look better with some apposite cartoon illustrations, or if you are an editor or designer on a magazine, newspaper or website with similar needs, just contact me using the form below now!